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Cloop – Magnetic Cable Keeper #cloopband


When we travel we carry everything with us, phones, tablets, computers so many things. And when you finally get to where you’re going the wires are always nothing but a huge mess. Well with Cloop it has become so much easier, what this does is make handling, your wires so easily. Cloop has neodymium magnets enclosed at both ends, which makes Cloop easy to snap shut and open. No more tangled wires for us. 

Making it so that you can secure your wires, and not have to worry about that huge mess at the end, simply wrap them up nice and neat and use the cloop to keep them safe. It’s small size and cable passage makes it an ideal daily-use cable companion. Cloop won’t slide off your cables and cords.

We are putting these to the test, my sisters going away and she will be using these. Keeping her cables nice and tidy will be the best for when she gets there, and I like this because we can keep everything neat when traveling in May.


How this works is there is an elastic silicone band and two strong magnets. One end of this provides a quick lock and a release mechanism. Plus a cable passage to keep all in place and you won’t lose anything. Cloops are a great solution to help organize the cables in life, especially while on the go!

The small ones are great for headphone cables and phone/tablet/etc chargers. The bigger ones are great for hair dryers, computers and more. Keeeping everything nice and neat will always be the key. No one wants to have wires all over the place and this eliminates all that. Everything we need for a tangle free trip. These are so good for those who want everything to be neat and tidy.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.