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Chef’s Secret® Non-Stick Aluminum Indoor Stovetop


Oh my goodness,  I LOVE MY Chef’s Secret® Non-Stick Aluminum Indoor Stovetop!  I want to cook with it every night.  Everything I’ve cooked on it as tasted so good!  I love grilled food, but sometimes my husband TAKES FOREVER to fire up that grill, shhh don’t tell him I said that because he gets all defensive and then it turns into why it takes so long.   

13843448_10154414125248872_2101405750_oAnyways,  back to my new favorite kitchen tool- this cool grill plate that fits right on my stove top! It is extra thick aluminum grill plate that is FDA-approved, non-stick coating for even heat and fast clean up! This grill is healthy and delicious!  I only will eat my hot dogs on the grill; I know I’m strange so today I cooked us hot dogs for lunch and oh my goodness I felt like I was ten yrs old again loving the Hot Dog flavor!  My kids wanted 3rds, Geez calm down!  No grease and it wasn’t oily.  

13838223_10154414125353872_1337178508_oWhat I love the most is the food has No Grease!  When I cook in the regular pan, then that takes all the oil out and leaves it all dry inside! Everything cooked on the grill has stayed moist….omg the steaks were to die for!  Plus no smoke attached to this type of cooking. 

Can we talk FLAVOARABLE…oh, wow the flavors of the food that have been cooked are just amazing?  You can also add wine, garlic, other seasonings right to the pan and sear with the meat. 

13843660_10154414125423872_626525870_oIt also cooks FAST!  I cooked the steaks in about 8 minutes- 6 minutes on each side, leaving them pink on each side. Then the hot dog, 1 minute each side! You can use this grill plate on your electric and gas stove! Have I told you how easy this grill plate is to clean too, my kids were super amazed?  They weren’t happy until I showed them how quickly everything wiped off then washed in less than a minute.  My kids are so lazy, anything that doesn’t go in the dishwasher they feel is wasting their time.  



I will be using my grill 2-3 a week.  Next on my list to cook is CHICKEN! 

So far I’ve cooked:

  • Steak
  • Hot Dogs
  • Skewers 

This product is on AMAZON for under $20- you need one, take my word for it! 

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