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Fresh Basil Oh My~ Chefast Herb Scissors #chefast

Chefast Herb Scissors

Kitchen utensils always come in handy!  When I was younger I just needed the basics.  Growing up and becoming a mom I started wanting more cool utensils.  Herb Scissors has always been on my top kitchen items I want.  One day I came across Chefast Herb Scissors and got them.

Now, I use them pretty much every day for cutting my Lavender and my herbs in the garden.  I have 5 Lavender bushes in my front yard and guess what, now I can cut my bushes without taking a whole day doing it by hand.  I have Lavender in every room now and it took me about 15 minutes to cut them.  I will do each week now.  I have bowl in every room now- filled with the beautiful scent of Lavender.  It is a such a calming herb and my family needs  a lot of calm.  We are always on the go and at night we need wind down and get a good night sleep.  

After I get done with the Lavender, I always rinse the scissors under cool water immediately to remove any traces of the herbs. Then set them upright and leave open to allow air to circulate around the scissors before you put them in their case. I don’t want my other herbs tasting like Lavender- love the smell not the taste though. Chefast

Chefast herb scissors set comes with high-quality jute drawstring bags which you can use for optional storage of your herbs. These bags can also be great for storing dried foods, spices, coffee beans, or whatever you want. You also get cover shield for the scissors and ebook.

Also the herb scissors are also great for arts and crafts, fringing material, other art work. 
However, to keep the blades sharp for delicate herbs, it is recommended that you use the scissors only for this purpose. If you want to use the scissors for non-food uses, buying a second pair may be a good idea. We plan to do that because we love Arts and Crafts and we already see the potential these scissors can offer us. 

REMEMBER: Every set of herb scissors sold by Chefast is backed by a lifetime guarantee.


Basil is my favorite herb to add to meals!  Tonight I’m making a Chicken Mac & Cheese and yes adding Basil.  Today my daughter and went and picked some basil in our herb garden the cilantro is next!  I think I’ll make breakfast tomorrow with eggs, cilantro, and Chorizo burritos YUM! 

More Basil Ideas- and yes you will need the Chefast Scissors! They make cutting SO EASY! 

  • Throw Basil in any salad
  • Toss it with pasta and veggies 
  • Spread it on sandwiches with pesto
  • Dollop it into soup
  • Add chopped up Basil to Stir Fry Chicken 
  • Cut up Tomato, Basil, and Fresh Mozzarella then top with oil 

After hearing what I use my Chefast scissors for I know you want a pair or two- so head on over to AMAZON and order today!  Oh and guess what Kelly’s Thoughts On Things Readers get 15% off- with this code: 15CHEFAS


Tell us what you would use Herb Scissors for?

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