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Carmex Has New Seasonal Flavors! Winter Mint

I have always used some kind of lip balm on my lips for as long as I can remember. In fact, sometime I would look for the ones with color in them, just to have some kind of color on my lips with it (this is really before I discovered lipstick, I’ll be honest). I have enjoyed different kinds, but it wasn’t until I tried these new flavored lip balms, that I realized I had been missing out.

The official name is limited-edition Carmex Winter Mint Lip Balm Click Sticks. I just like the name; Lip Balm Click Sticks; since I have not heard that before, but am adding it to my vocabulary anyway. But, more importantly is the way it feels on your lips.

From the instant you put it on you can feel – not sure how else to describe it – winter on your lips. It gives you this great feeling for the holiday season and leaves my lips really wanting more of it. Not sure if you have used Carmex in the past – but in general it is a great lip balm. It glides on so smooth, you don’t have to wait to use it a few times to get it to work or fit just right on your lips (I know you know what I mean) and I am just a fan of the product to begin with.

Right now, at most of the stores that I have seen it, you can get two for one – even better! Not only do you get the best flavored-type lip balm out there, you get two. When you run out – you have the other one – but you will be buying up the Winter Mint Lip Balms because it is for a limited time.

Some other retailers have it for buy 3 packs and get one free – doesn’t really matter because you get 2 or 3 great flavors. In addition, they have tubes (which is the most likely container you will find them), jars, sticks, eggs, pots – you name it I am pretty sure they will have it!

You should be able to find these at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and others, starting at about $1.59 – or you can find it at!





Winter is coming- or for some – it is already here. I live in a southern state, but looking at the weather up north you need to find Carmex where you can get it. Even if it is going on-line and having it delivered to your door. I can’t do without my lip balm – so try to stay comfortable and grab your Carmex!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.