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Car Seat Travel Bag by AngelBaby #angelbaby


There are times when we have children, that we forget something when going out. With Angel Babys Red Car Seat, Travel and Storage Bag will be the one you go to always. Making sure your car seat is safe and secure and it's red so you can find it always.


This bag will put your mind at ease, having everything you need in one place especially if your flying. This bag is universal and fits, lost car seats, booster chairs and more. Making it the must have of new mothers and older ones. Water Resistant and Lightweight Fabric.



With this bag you definitely get what you pay for, shoulder its made strong and durable. There is a drawstring to close off the top of the bag and to keep the car seat contained, The fact you can carry this bag shoulder, and keep your hands free is a plus. The size of the bag is large enough to fit most car seats and the material is pretty thick. The bag actually folds into itself (there is a pouch) for storage. The pouch is a thick durable material.


This is a big bag and my nephews car seat will fit it in it, perfectly with no issues. Having the ability to put your car seat in this bag, to make sure there are no issues of it getting dirty, makes that trip more comfortable.  Knowing that your things are safe and secure. It has an ID Box which is a great thing you can easily identify the seat or if it gets lost you have information on the travel bag. The best part is that it keeps the car seat clean and free from dust and dirt.


Now, it is interesting because when this bag is not in use, it has a detachable little zipper bag which your big bag can easily fold up right back into it so you can put it away without it being in the way when not in use.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.