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CalPure™ Extra Virgin Avocado Oil gives you extra flavor!



CalPure™ Extra Virgin Avocado Oil was created to offer great flavor in a versatile oil. Michael and Erika Rutledge wanted to use a different oil for their cooking. They wanted an oil that was nutritious and offered a better flavor than vegetable or canola oil. Since they couldn’t find what they wanted on the market they decided to make it themselves. Using handpicked avocado’s from California they built a cold-pressed facility that could produce a quality oil from avocados. 

calpure avocado oil

Cooking can be more than just a chore. Sometimes it is a mind-boggling mystery but most of the time in our house it is a fun experience. I love to cook and bake treats for my family. A good meal is one that tastes delicious and is easy to prepare. We have changed our cooking habits over the last year and focus on eating a healthier diet. By using fresh ingredients we cut down on sodium and have stopped buying butter entirely. These are great steps for our family to make sure we are eating a balanced diet.

CalPure™ Extra Virgin Avocado Oil because offers a better taste than other oils.


 This oil is green, like a dark emerald “Wizard of Oz castle” kind of green. I find it is a beautiful color and it seems to really enhance the flavor  of the food when you use it. When I used this as a base oil for cooking eggs, it was fun to see the egg whites actually get a green tint. I love that the oil has a high smoke point so I don’t have to worry about using it as a standard oil.

calpure avocado oil

Next it was fun to use this as a dipping oil. Again, the color is amazing and it is like eye candy on a plate with some seasonings and a fresh loaf of bread. I think at a dinner party this would be the highlight of the table for sure.

The taste is amazing. It is so buttery with just a hint of avocado. I find I just can’t get enough of it. I really think I am hooked. No longer do I need to buy an olive oil because the flavor, color and quality of this avocado oil is amazing. Do you need an oil with more flavor?

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