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Building Possibilities With Way Basics


Way Basic- Design
Let me start out by saying …this shelf from Way Basics was by far the easiest shelf I’ve ever put together.  I waited a couple weeks after I got the item, for my husband to put it together because I’m not good with stuff like that.  You should see some of the things I’ve put together, not good.  Anyways, I got tired of waiting and pulled everything out of the box and guess what I was done within 5 minutes, probably not even that long.  All I had to do was line up what board goes where, peel off the sticker, stick the board onto other board, and that’s it-DONE. The kids were so impressed I did the bookcase myself, I didn’t tell them how easy it was, but that’s our secret.  My husband had to take a 2nd look when he saw the shelf all put together and had to make sure I did it right.  Men! 
On Way Basics, you can customize the height and number of shelves to create your dream home and office space.  They make the creation easy and simple by putting a lot of thought into their work and products to achieve simple yet powerful solutions. They are also an eco-company and green company.  Each of their products is simple and brought back to the basics so that they can fit into the home. Your product, your home, your way… Way Basics.

Building possibilities- with one look at their products, customers instantly see the possibilities of building Way Basics into their lives. The Cube may be a storage unit to a college student, a stool for a toddler, or a footrest to a musician. This is why it isn’t do categorized furniture as “children” or “office” because so many building possibilities! 

Please check out Way Basic Products:

I had a lot of fun looking at other people’s designs they did with Way Basic products- check out HERE; people get very creative. 

Way Basics 

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