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Brunhilda and Cresselia – Two Books To Keep You Entertained


Brunhilda’s Backwards Day


This is such a cute book. The illustrations are brilliant and very colorful. Me and my grandkids have read this book over and over. Brunhilda is usually out causing problems. But not this time. Her cat got out and decided to cause a little bit of mischief. When Brunhilda wakes up on the “right” of her bed. She knew something wasn’t right. She can’t find anything to wear but her fluffy pink ball gown. Her spider mush ( which is her favorite ) was replaced with oatmeal, candy replaced with toothpaste. Her day was utterly and completely backwards. It is a picture book that works great for 3 – 6 year olds. But my older grandchildren love it as much as the younger ones. A book for all ages.

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Capturing Cresselia: Unofficial Stories for Pokémon Collectors


Welcome Campers! To Camp Pikachu. The camp that you can act your favorite adventure from your favorite Pokemon game or cartoon. The camp has different teams set up. You can battle your team against the others to earn points and badges. Everyone is working for the highest honor of the camp. Summer Camp Hall Of Fame! Four friends: Marco, Nisha, Logan and Maddy, are ready for their latest adventure. They are looking for the legendary Cresselia. Armed with their map and a set of clues. They head out to explore the surrounding forest and all of Camp Pikachu. But following clues lead them to adventure. They make memories and have fun while they are looking for Cresselia. 

Me and my grandchildren love to read. And these two books were some of their favorite books that we have read this summer.

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