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Unicorn Horns! Cat Ears! Party Favors and Decorations! Brooklyn Owl!


For all of your fantasy dreams and accessories. Head over to Brooklyn Owl for everything you may need. Brooklyn Own was created in 2010 as a way to make your world more colorful and cute. One accessory at a time. Not only can you get magical unicorn horns, you can get monster horns, party garlands and cake toppers. All products are handmade. I really appreciate the extra love and care that shows in their products. Everything is unique and no two items are just exactly the same. I love homemade items over factory made. Annie and her daughter Bee designed the Brooklyn Owl Unicorn Horn when Bree was only four years old. 

You can choose between hair clips or headbands, whatever you are in the mood for. Their party favors are so much fun and so colorful. Unicorn-Fetti is amazing. They have the wonderful colors of Rainbow, Cotton Candy, Boardwalk or Sailboat, or a 6 pack of these party favors. They have garlands and mini-garlands that matches the unicorn-fetti. Also cake toppers!

Can you imagine throwing a birthday party with all of this magical, colorful and enchanting decorations. Provide everyone with horns, tails and wings! Then turn your children and their imagination loose. An enchanted mystical fantasy colorful party. You and your child will be the talk of the neighborhood. How can another mother top that type of party. Dragons chasing the unicorn and pegacorns around, with the magical cat tail standing guard over the mermaid.

Just for MY readers Brooklyn Owl is offering you a 10% off coupon! Head on over to and when you check out use kelly10 for your discount.

Follow Brooklyn Owl for all of the newest products and latest news: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

To order your very own Brooklyn Owl Magical Unicorn Horn head on over here: Sparkle Unicorn Horn/Etsy

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.