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Bringing You The Best Wine With The California Wine Club

Relaxation is an activity that everyone would love to enjoy at any point of their day. The question is, what does it really take for you to relax? Personally, I feel that a great day of relaxation can be enjoyed by you and the one you love. Spending the day together is the perfect solution for relaxation and time alone. When the mood is right, you are going to want to have something that you both can enjoy together right? Something that you don’t get to enjoy as often as you use too, and that’s wine. Sharing a nice bottle of wine just makes thing even better. I know of a way that you can get the best quality wine. So check out the information I have for you below.

Time To Join The California Wine Club

If you are a dedicated lover towards wine, you’ll know that it’s extremely hard to find a wine that you just can’t find in just any store. It’s hard to find a great tasting wine in general, but all that can be solved with the help of The California Wine Club. In case you didn’t know, this is a family-owned business that takes pride in selecting wine from small, family-owned wineries.

Bringing You The Best Wine With The California Wine Club

The California Wine Club feels that every wine has a unique story and taste to it, so they want to share this experience with you. It’s a known fact that wines that come from smaller family wineries are 10x better than other wines.

Bringing You The Best Wine With The California Wine Club

I had the opportunity to try two incredible wines that came from Rabbit Ridge Winery. I never thought that wine could taste so incredibly rich. The two selections you see above are:

  • ‘Montepiano’ Tuscan Style Red Blend, Paso Robles
  • Sangiovese, Paso Robles

The California Wine Club hand-selected these two from an award-winning winery. Of course, you will be kept up to date with their official newsletter, Uncorked. They offer month to month specials that you just can miss out on. They even offer you so many opportunities including amazing gift options if you want to have a special wine sent to a special someone. With the help of The California Wine Club, you can go on a true wine filled adventure.

You too can join the world of Artisan Wines alongside The California Wine Club. So check out what I have for you above. It’s time you relaxed with the right selection of the world’s finest wine.

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