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Bring On The Rubber Ducks




When it comes to getting things for Devon, its the simplest things that make him so happy. He loves rubber ducks and the dogs have ate and torn his up. Anytime we see one we get it for him. Well I found these really cute ad adorable ones.

CelebriDucks are are the safest lead free, bhp free and phthalate free ducks on the market. The rubber duck was invented in Amaerica before it went overseas.  And we have returned right back to the USA made right here in New York.  Where it all began in the 1800

These CelebriDucks are the first ever to resemble the greatest icons in film, music, athletics and history ever. Every thing from major league sports, to TV and movie legends. These ducks are considered the top custom duck being made today. 
The one that I picked for Devon is BREAKING BATH RUBBER DUCK


Cooking up some good stuff for the tub. Gotta love those little blue duck soaps!

Our Costume Quackers are all dressed up with SOMEwhere to go: Your bathtub!

This unsinkable bath toy is completely sealed to stay clean, and weighted to always float upright. Whether you’re in a nice warm bath, relaxing in a cool pool, or just being a little bad for a change of pace, your CelebriDucks Breaking Bath Duck will always be your partner in crime and bring a smile to your face.

He will take him in the shower with him, and on any vacations we go on. He loves his one eye shark and has taken him with us on speed boats and threw him in the pool.  They are a thick plastic/rubber, and they don’t get water inside! So they won’t need to be replaced as quickly/often as regular rubber ducks.

CelebriDucks is the original creator of the first ever celebrity rubber ducks of the greatest icons of film, music, athletics, and history.

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