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Brazilian Creams Get You Summer Ready


sol janero

Sol De Janeiro Brings out your Inner Brazilian Beauty!

Sol De Janeiro is a company that focus' on using the secrets of the Amazon. We are not talking about online shopping. I am referring to the actual jungle where wonderful and exotic plants grow. These plants provide certain nutrients that can enhance your natural beauty.

Summer is coming! I know, I know we have to get through spring first but it isn't far behind! I need to start getting ready for summer right when spring starts! I like to make sure I lose some pounds of little of my winter “warmth” weight. I want my feet to be ready for flip-flop season and lets not get into too much detail about swimsuit weather!

Sol De Janeiro is a beauty product line that takes all the wonderful native secrets from the Brazilian rain forest and lets it work for you. They have many wonderful products but I am going to focus on the three I got to try.

  • Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

Well, that says it all right? How could you not want to try a cream that is named like that? I was hooked. I loved the ingredient list that said it contained caffeine. This caffeine comes from a plant named guarana‘ this is twice as strong as the coffee beans we are used to. With this boost of energizing caffeine your skin will be rejuvenated just like your second cup of coffee during the day. The scent is wonderful. Tropical aromas take you far away to the rain forest. After a few uses I noticed a smooth feel to my skin and I am hoping if I continue to apply daily my skin will look firmer. This cream isn't only for use on your bum bum, but also your stomach arms and legs if you wish.

  • Samba 2 Step Foot Fetish Care

Another delightful name for this amazing foot cream. This really makes a difference on your feet right away. This cream is made with the fruit of a tropical cupuaco tree. Blended with coconut oil it smooths and softens your feet to get them ready for summer. This kit comes with a foot file that will help polish off any rough spots. Once you are done filing, you apply the foot cream for a wonderfully smooth feel to your feet.

  • Brazilian Golden Body Veil

Some of us have darker hair than others…it is just the way it goes. This amazing set will help lighten up your arm hair so you are not-self conscious about it anymore. Rich aromas and easy instructions that only take about 15 minutes will have your arms summer ready!


All in all these are some amazing products from Sol De Janeiro. They will having you feeling beautiful and ready to jump into summer! Try all three or just one of them today and you'll want to samba your way through the summer months!




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Gregory Amarantos

Saturday 29th of October 2016

Summer is coming! I need to start getting ready for summer right when spring starts! thank for giving me great motivation

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.