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Let’s Get This Potty Started With BottomZz Up!



BottomZz Up is a new potty training system that allows your toddler to feel how uncomfortable it is when they are wet or soiled. 100% cotton potty training underwear has proprietary technology that allows the child to feel wet when they are wet. While trapping the pee to prevent leaks and messy clean ups. Great for the family that are always on the go. BottomZz Up offers you and the child consistency, routine and encouragement.

Potty Training Tool Kit

This kit includes everything that you need to help smoothly transition your toddler into big kid underpants. With encouragement, participation and celebration!

3 pairs of BottomZz Up Potty Training Underwear

6 Absorbent Inserts

1 Washable Travel Bag

1 Colorful Reward Chart
1 Month Supply of Stickers

1 Graduation Certificate


You have to let them feel the wetness. I know it doesn’t sound nice but sometimes you have to do something to stop them in their tracks. Feeling uncomfortable will encourage them to go to the potty quicker. Other training pants don’t give them that uncomfortable feeling. They let the toddler play, content and happy, while the training pants hold the pee in while the toddler can’t feel it. They just keep them dry and they don’t realize what is going on. 

This potty training system helps teach them to stop, drop and plop on the potty. They feel uncomfortable and know that going to potty makes that feeling go away. I love the reward chart and stickers. When they go to the potty like a big kid they get to add a sticker to their chart. When they are completely potty trained they get the certificate to put up on their wall to show everyone that they are a big kid now. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.