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Books for the Cat and Dog Lovers


Everyone knows at least one animal lover.  I have two books that are perfect for the animal lover in your life and would make great gifts for them to enjoy over and over again, whether they are a cat lover, a dog lover, or both!




The first book, “Flying Dogs” by Julia Christie, a photographer.  “Flying Dogs” is a picture book of dogs in mid-air, from tiny dogs to huge dogs.  You cannot help but smile looking at the pictures of dogs in mid-leap.  The expressions on some of their faces are priceless.  There is every dog breed imaginable in this book and just the stress reliever perfect after a long day to unwind, especially if you do not want to read but just want to smile.  It can be enjoyed over and over again, just looking at the pictures and sharing them with people.  It is also a great coffee table book that anyone can pick up and leaf through and smile themselves.  Who can resist cute dogs?


If cats are the preference, LIfe Works Itself Out (And Then You Nap)” by Keiya Mizuno and Naoki Naganuma is the purr-fect choice.  It is a collection of life lessons and quotes from writers, entertainers, and cultural icons.  Each page has a different short story about a person ranging from Nelson Mandela to Steven Spielberg to Kevin Costner to Mariah Carey with a “moral of the story” so to speak and then inspirational quotes relating.  On the corresponding page is a picture of a cat, some funny, some will melt your heart, but all adorable.  There are 68 cats in 7 categories like “relax” and “hope” for instance and if you need inspiration from a specific category, you just need to turn to that page.   All the lessons are inspiring and if you are looking for some advice and cute pictures of cats to boot, this book fits the bill.


Of course, for those who love both dogs and cats (like me) both books would be a great gift that will be enjoyed over and over whenever they need a little inspiration from some cats or the pictures of dogs that are sure to put a smile on their face.



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