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Book Review – Halloween Happening by Priscilla York

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I enjoyed this book, really I did. If you are a fan of the Elf on the Shelf, then you will really enjoy this one. I do not own Elf because to me it is a little creepy and it does strange things to your home – or you have to create them.

This is different. You read the book to your children, they create a name for the sweet little pumpkin and you tell them that she will leave codes every night or the morning and they have to write the numbers down. Then, after the code is done, you go and find the circle that decodes the message (it could be simple, like Hello, or it could be a phrase) and they have to figure out what she/he told them – ours was a girl.O read HH 

Our girls enjoyed it, however, if you have a smaller one that is about 3-5, I would make it a simpler phrase or word, but if you have an 8-10 year old or even older they can figure out the longer phrase. I did a phrase – A Gift For U is Here – and then left a little surprise, but do not feel that you have to do that. It is a count-down-to Halloween and it is really cleaver.

I did the gift because I told them I was creating a blog for it, so they understood it. I did lose track of the circle that decodes the letters into the actual letters and if you do a phrase it does take a while, but as long as you can keep up with it then you should be good. At the end I wrote a note (or Rebecca Belle did – this is the name the girls gave her) and had the decoded message on the back.HH

If you enjoy this ideas, she has other books she has written for the different times of the year and I enjoyed the fact that she did not have to be there every night (there were one or two that I could not find her and then neither could the girls) and then you do not have to create ‘scenes’ for the character – so that made it easier.

Also, be careful if you do a larger word or a phrase – you have to keep track of the numbers, and if you have a pet – let me re-phrase that – a dog – make sure it is kept out of reach. There were a few days that we found her in places that I am guessing the dog had her and placed her in different positions. I do not mean your husband or partner, we actually have a dog that will do that. It was fun, and my youngest daughter even read the books to me – I just love that they love to read! Thanks for this – it will be a tradition in our home every year!

Here is where you can find her books and information:

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Dianna Davis

Tuesday 3rd of November 2015

how cute-- I love the Elf on the Shelf this sounds like a lot of fun

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.