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Blow Dry your Hair in Style with Conair


Beauty and style go hand and hand!infiniti pro conair logo

Infiniti Pro by Conair is a wonderful blow dryer. Conair has been supplying us with hair care tools for years. They have become a trusted brand in the beauty tools for every hair type. Conair has tools in a variety of different areas including hair care, personal grooming, bath & spa, garment & home care and health and wellness. With tools and gadgets to help in multiple areas of your life, Conair is a trusted brand we turn to when we need something we can depend on.

Infiniti pro conair style dryer

If you want something done right, find the right tool. It is good advice that I try to apply to every area of my life. I know we have all had those moments when we can’t find a flat head screwdriver so we grab a butter knife. Sometimes it works to just use whatever tool we have on hand to accomplish a task, but other times we will just fail. The right tool will help you be successful at your task and probably save you more time in the end.

Infiniti pro conair style dryer

I was thrilled to try this Infiniti Pro Conair Blow dryer in Rose Gold. As you can see it is beautiful! It is the prettiest hair dryer I have ever held. The shiny gold accent on the pale rose color of the dryer is just stunning. The moment you hold this dryer you will feel empowered to be more beautiful. At least, I did.

Infiniti pro conair style dryer

This dryer comes with two attachments. The standard salon attachment that focus’ the heat on your roots for more volume and a bonus diffuser. I like to wear my hair curly and straight depending on my current mood. So, these are the perfect tools to get my hair the way I want it.

Overall, this dryer was amazing. First, the power behind it is perfect. It dries my hair in such a short amount of time that is just perfect. The diffuser works wonders drying my curly hair so I can be ready to head out the door in no time. It is a standard size dryer so it fits perfectly in my beauty tool holder in the bathroom. Lastly, it is just beautiful. I smile every time I use it because it is so pretty. Thankfully, Conair is known for quality, so I will be able to enjoy this dryer for years to come! Do you need the right tool to style your hair?



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