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BittyLabs Air Free Baby Bottle by Bare

air free baby bottle

Reduce the air-intake with this amazing new bottle from Bare!

Created by a mom, Bare Air-Free baby bottle delivers milk as naturally as it comes from a mother. Bitty Labs produce a quality bottle that will reduce the amount of air your baby takes in while they are feeding.

air free baby bottle

I love when I find out that a product was created by a mom and for a mom. It just makes sense. As a mom, it is hard to find the products you need that really make sense. Most of the time you have to sacrifice either function or fashion for a product to actually do what you want. Baby bottles are one of those products, that as a mom, I found it so hard to find the right one.

Bitty Labs has created an air free baby bottle that was created by a mom. Priska Diaz, was like most of us struggling to find the right products to help raise her kids. She designed a baby bottle that would deliver milk as naturally as a mother does, and it is amazing. Less air consumed by a baby will equal a quieter stomach.


In each box is one bottle and two nipple lids to choose from. The bottle is designed to feed upright and will prevent gas when used instead of other bottles that don’t reduce air intake.

bare bottle

I nursed and had to supplement my baby with formula. So I realized the incredible difference between nursing and bottle feeding. Believe me it is a huge difference. I was thrilled to see this new bottle offer a brilliant way to get formula into my baby’s stomach without causing discomfort. By following the easy instructions on the side of the box you can ensure that even though you are bottle feeding that you will reduce the amount of air intake. This bottle is also a great tool to use to transition your child from nursing to bottle feeding.

You’ll be amazed at this bottle when you find them on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest. Do you need a new bottle for your baby?


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