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Bitsbox – Code With Your Kids This Christmas

    Electronics is the way of the world now. Coding is a big part of every day whether you realize it not. Now you can spend soem quailty time with your children, while teaching them to code! Bitsbox is a monthly subscirption box that allows kids to build apps on your laptop. Read on to learn more.


Build with Bitsbox

    Kids ages six to fourteen will love building with Bitsbox. It’s not like lego building though, its virtual building. For example, the first app my son and I tried was called Doggleheads. We built an app with dogs, and then you can change the heads and bodies to mix them up, and make them dance. It’s super fun, and great quality time with my son. He loves it and so do I. 


Learning is fun

    I think as a mom, the best part to me is that my son is having a blast, but he’s learning at the same time. Think of it like an introduction to programming for kids. While they’re having fun, they’re also learning skills that they can carry with them as they grow up. You can’t beat a gift like that. 


How it works

    Okay, so you have your first Bitsbox, (or its on its way) and you’re ready to get started. On your laptop, take your children to the Bitsbox website. Have them look through the material in their Bitsbox, and pick the app they want to start with. Then, enter the code into the virtual tablet on Bitsbox. Then create your app. Your kids can share them on a mobile device! 



    Bitsbox has a few plans to get you started. The Sampler Box is a great introduction to the world of Bitsbox, and a perfect holiday gift. Or you can choose from the Digital Bitsbox, which is the environmentally friendly, no paper version, but still the same Bitsbox fun! They also have the Basic or Deluxe version. All new sign ups will ship on December 12th. So hurry to their website, so Bitsbox can be under your tree!

    You can also follow them on Facebook, and Twitter.

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