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Best Planner Ever

Best Planner Ever


When I opened my Best Planner Ever, I was super excited!  I want it to be January 1, 2016, now so I can start writing in it.  In 2016, I need to be organized- FOR SURE! My business is growing every day. I learned this year with blogging that is helps a lot to be organized and make sure you meet deadlines.  This holiday season has been so chaotic and I’ve been losing my mind but if I had this Best Planner Ever this year I’m sure I wouldn’t have been so lost. If you are looking for a free alternative, you could have a look at this weekly planner template.

Now this planner is a bit different than other planners because it gives you guidance on how to work it and get your projects done.  Jennifer Dawn is the creator, and she is a successful entrepreneur who has mentored hundreds of business owners.  One day she realized she needed to get organized so she created the Best Planner Ever.

Best Planner Ever

There is a section that walks you through GOALS, which is well worth reading! Already has me thinking about what I want in 2016! She also walks us through Ideas and Examples on how to use the planner, which is very informative.  I sense she wants everyone who uses her planner to be SUCCESSFUL!  I see myself with this planner sitting down with my cup of coffee in the morning and planning out my day.  I also want to get into the habit of scheduling weekly and monthly tasks.  Being a Blogger, planning is essential to growing.

Best Planner Ever

Monthly:  breaks down yearly goals into monthly and there is space to write down the steps. Two questions I love on the Monthy page is… This month I would like to bring IN to my life and This month I would like to clear OUT of my life.  The past six months I’ve been living in CLUTTER due to a move, and this will help me focus on what needs to happen to get my life back on track.

Best Planner Ever Weekly: walks me through tasks, self-care, to do’s, clear clutter, dinners, and errands- pick a day for each one.  This will help plan the week out and then I can put the tasks I scheduled on their particular day.



Best Planner Ever Daily: walks me through my top 10 tasks, other to do’s, self-care and what’s for dinner.  I love that there is a space for STICKY NOTES! It goes from 6 am to 6 pm for every day.  With plenty room to write.

This planner makes me think!  I can’t wait to get started.  This would make a wonderful gift for anyone who needs some organization in 2016!!! You can order one year, six months, or 90 days (no dates in this one) planners, this is an excellent way to see if this planner works for you – which I know it will!

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KELLYS THOUGHTS READERS: Use coupon code KELLY for the month of December to receive 20% off any planner AND Free Priority Mail shipping.  Please do this- you won’t regret it!

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