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Best Activities for Kids with ADHD

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When you were told your child has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), you probably felt mixed emotions. First, you probably already had a feeling you were dealing with this, and you were likely relieved to know there is a reason for some of the undesirable behavior that’s been turning your hair gray. However, you likely also felt a bit of panic, wondering how this condition will affect your child emotionally, socially, and academically. Well, ADHD affects approximately 10 percent of school-age children, so you are not alone. Below are some of the best activities to encourage your child to get involved with, if they have been diagnosed with ADHD.


  • Nature Sports – Regardless if your child has ADHD, or not, being outdoors and connecting with nature is good for them. Hiking and biking are ideal for high energy kids because there is no down time. Many team sports only have spurts of activity, so it’s easy to get distracted between plays. Softball is a good example. Besides, hiking and biking are activities you can do with them for some bonding time.


  • Musical Instruments – Playing a musical instrument requires coordination and concentration. It helps train their mind to focus, and can build multitasking skills. If they are part of a band or orchestra then they also learn teamwork, which can be challenging for kids with ADHD.


  • Swimming – Like hiking and biking, swimming demands constant movement, unless you are resting. If you don’t have a pool, see when your local YMCA or gym has open swim time. They may even want to get involved with a swim team, which also teaches them to be part of a team.


  • Drama – Kids with ADHD have a hard time focusing on school work, but they typically excel at memorizing lines. Exercising this part of the brain will carry over and help with their schoolwork, too. The rush of being in front of an audience combined with regular practices and line memorizing sharpens concentration and provides routine.


  • Video Games – You are probably cringing right now. Most parents do not want their children spending time playing video games, but there is no reason why this can’t be an additional activity for them. Set time limits. Video game time is often the great reward for getting homework done and it demands concentration. Make sure they have a comfortable and supportive chair that promotes good posture. Pro Home Stores has bean bag chairs that are ideal for playing video games, as well as studying.


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