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Beet Performer Makes you a Star!


Use the power of beets to perform your best!

Beet Performer is a juice drink made up entirely of beets. A super food, beets help your body by lowering blood pressure, delivers oxygen to your muscles, and also improves stamina and strength. All this goodness in found in beets, and with a juice drink ready to eat you'll be performing your best exercise soon.

Growing up, mom was always saying “Eat your vegetables”. Now, as a mom myself, I find I'm saying the exact same thing to my kids. Vegetables are so important. Since they contain certain vitamins and minerals that our body needs it is vital that we are eating enough of them. Now, if they tasted, like chocolate glazed donuts that wouldn't be a problem. However, since vegetables don't taste that way it is nice to find some new ways of getting the nutrition we need. 

I love using my juicer. It is a lot of work to clean and cut the vegetables but in the end I can taste the fresh juice and it is worth it. With Beet Performer all the work is already done. Just grab a can and enjoy. Since it is made up entirely of beets it does taste like beets. But the goodness comes from all the nutrition you are giving your body. 

Beets contain nitrates. These nitrates  move through your system act like mail men and deliver oxygen to your muscles. You can imagine how great this is for your workout. If you muscles get the oxygen they need they can work harder. Your muscles will also recover faster after your workout if they have the oxygen they need. So over all you can see how important it is to give your body the energy and vitamins it needs.



Beet Performer comes in two flavors. Beet Juice with Passion Fruit is the first flavor. It has passion fruit juice paired with beets to give it a fruity taste. I liked it because it was good. I like to drink mine super cold after my work out. It is so refreshing and gives me a boost in energy.


The second flavor is Original Beet Juice. You will enjoy all the beet flavor in this drink as well as added B12.

We were glad we found Beet Performer. It is a great way to give our bodies the nutrition it needs to exercise harder, recover faster and ultimately feel better. Do you like beets?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.