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Beautiful Smelling Home With Renuzit Pearls


The biggest thing for me is my house always smelling great, and when we get company I make sure there are candles and everything is smelling good. Recently I found the best things, renuzit pearl scents. When the pearls' liquid has dissipated and the pearls appear shrunken down and concentrated, fill the container with hot tap water; the pearls will absorb the water and still have scent remaining, enough for a small space.

The only odor eliminating continuous action air freshener with the new scented beads. It utilizes the PureClean Technology to neutralize odors in the air from smoke, pets, bathroom, and odor-causing bacteria. They smell so good and look great and different.

So simple to use the container itself is sealed with a foil seal and once you pull that off, your jar of pearls is ready to go to work! Inside are small marble-sized “pearls” that look wet and these are what will fragrance your home. We have them in the down stairs bathroom, and there is one in the living room, not only do you get to choose from scents, but you can choose from the colored beads to match your decor.

These can smell up the smallest and biggest of rooms. There are multiple scents to choose from, including those below and a few new scents:

Pure Breeze
After the Rain®
Seductive Pineapple

We love how they all smell, after the rain is in the bathrooms and pure breeze is in the living room. When we have family over we tend to make sure everything is smelling great,that way there is nothing out-of-place. We do get a lot of people asking us what that smell is , and where can they get some.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.