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Beautiful Dog Dog Beds And More At P.L.A.Y


Being a pet owner, too many pets I try and make them all comfortable in one way or another. Having them comfortable and healthy are very important to me. P.L.A.Y is my best friend, they have a big selection of dog beds like basset hound beds, many different designs and have cat ones too. We consider the pets as our family they are all loved and cared for.


Choosing the right bed was hard, the bit in the end we got the Moroccan pattern, and our lady loves it. These beds are all beautifully designed, by artists from all over the world. These beds are made from 100 percent cotton and are stuffed with eco-friendly fillers. Made from recycling plastic bottles.


All these beds are made to be washed and dried. And come in different colors and sizes. These are fashionably unique and durable. And designed to fit anyone's home. P.L.A.Y isn't only about dog beds they also make durable toys. Dogs will spend hours cuddling these stuffed toys.  Being both soft and very durable, there will be no tearing these apart, Built to stand the test of time. 


The compay is made up of a team of animal loving people, who love creating these stylish products. All these products are made to be safe for your loving pets. 


Moroccan Lounge Bed

Make a modern statement with P.L.A.Y.’s Moroccan Lounge Bed. The 100% natural cotton fabric is the perfect mix of chic and comfort to give your dog a sanctuary for those tranquil naps. Your pup will look flawless as he contemplates his next adventure from his favorite seat in the house.

In addition to the beds, they also cover separately, a great idea to change up for any season. Affordable and beautiful, what dog wouldn't be excited. 

The new whimsical toy set is inspired from the mischievous side of our dogs. The sets include bugging out and farm fresh. Jax would horde them all in his bed. He loves his toys and thinks all of them belong to him.  Beautiful dog beds made to make your pets feel great. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.