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Beardeur Beard Brush #beardeur



Every woman loves a man with either a clean shaven face or a man with a beard Taking care of their beards is a lot of work. So  Beardeur has made the perfect beard brush.  This brush is excellent in keeping the hair on their face nice and clean. As well as keeping it looking smooth and always looking the best.  This brush is great on coarse hair and  helping keep tanglers nice and smooth. 


A great stocking stuffer  for those bearded men. beautiful unique vintage box that has a elegent wax seal from the best beardedbrand. Love the look of this box its so pretty and would be the perfect gift for all men. 

Made from 100 percent boar bristles and have the highest reputation for making the beards look polished and well cared for . There is no synthetic, plastic or nylon bristles used great whe used with beard balm. Or beard oil and even mustache wax.   The handle is smooth, and fits well in your hand. The bristles are sturdy, and long enough to brush through large beards.


The brush does not cause my husband’s hair to become full of static electricity because the bristles are not made of plastic. The brush is compact to take with you in your pocket, or to store where ever is convienent for you. When it comes to your man looking great, we love them to have the smoothest beards ever, and using this brush will help the to acheive the smoothest and cleanest face ever. 


Any real man with a beard knows this tugging hurts worse than any other body hair. Facial upkeep is very important to most of us damper men who have beards, despite popular believe me. My nephew has a beard and he keeps it well groomed, I can only imagine him feeling pain if it gets all tangled . It can be easily combed out with this brush. 



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.