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Beard Shaping Tool GuideLine Pro


GuideLine Pro is a beard shaping template. Which allows a razor or beard trimmer to shave a perfectly symmetrical beard & mustache. The product design is simplistic and extremely effective.


  • Grooming Kit for Men | BEARD SHAPING TOOL – SAVES TIME! Stop shaving an inconsistent, uneven beard! GuideLine Pro is a template for use with your razor, beard trimmer or straight razor to shave a richly defined, symmetric beard!

  • SIMPLE BEARD GUIDE TOOL | AMAZING RESULTS Use with your beard / mustache trimmer. Simplistic design & use. Gives you an amazing looking beard! 1-2-3 step numbering for quick easy shaving, easy instructions included.

  • HOME HAIR CARE PRODUCT | SAVES YOU MONEY! Your beard will look professionally trimmed, from the comfort of your own home. Highly cost effective, GuideLine Pro pays for itself with your first shave!

  • TRANSPARENT & FLEXIBLE | EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE Optimal transparency. For precise placement of the template against your face. Thin design. For flexibility. Contours the natural curves of your face.

  • YOU WILL LOVE YOUR NEW BEARD OR YOUR MONEY BACK! | 100% GUIDELINE GUARANTEE If you aren’t completely satisfied with your new richly defined beard just send it back for a full refund!

When we got the Guideline Pro, my husband was super excited. He said he has been wanting one for awhile now but didn’t know where to get one. He follows a couple barbers on Facebook and has seen them use a template. He shaves every week and also cuts other people’s beards (well his friends). When he tried the first time, he cut his shave time in 10 minutes he said. He didn’t have to fumble with another mirror to see where he need to cut…he used the template and cut his bread quick plus straight. Combining this tool with Joe’s Finest somes up the perfect duo.


Shave a perfectly symmetrical beard every time! 

Top of Beard: Position edge 1 against the top of your beard, hold in place, cut the hair above the guideline you created.  

Neck Line: Position edge 2 against the bottom of your beard to shave neckline.

Mustache: Position edge 3 against the top of your mustache, cut the hair above the guideline you created. 




You can read more on and AMAZON.  

See he did such nice lines today!!


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Saturday 12th of November 2016

This will be a stocking stuffer this year! Amazing tool...

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.