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Baltic Amber Baby Teething Anklet #prettybaby_usa




When my kids were teething my mom use to stick a washcloth, wet in the freezer and let it freeze and that use to work wonders for them. Nowadays there are so many different things for teething babies. Now there's Baltic Amber Baby Teething Bracelets and Anklets, and they work perfectly for a teething baby.

Baltic amber contains succinic acid, believed to be a natural pain reliever with healing properties. When worn against the skin, it warms with your body temperature and is said to release small amounts of the substance, which soothes and alleviates some of your baby's teething pain and discomfort. In fact, Baltic amber is said to be comforting for people of all ages, making it a smart purchase for pain relief in general.

This is an excellent fit and is super stretchy, so it won't cut into their skin and is made well. It is strung on the very strong heavy weight stretchy cord, These bracelets/anklets are made of gorgeous Amber. They are lightweight and beautifully colored. Wish I had some of these when the kids were babies, they teethed on everything bracelets, and what's great about these they come in beautiful colors.

The stones have dark rich color. Even though they have that natural look, they are smooth and comfortable on the skin. You will not have to worry about this bracelet scratching your sweet baby, and these aren't harmful to your child. And that's one thing a mom is concerned about, all the time. This product is recommended to be worn under your babies socks so that they can't access it so suck or chew on. It also says this way the Amber will have the most healing effects for the baby and provide the most relief possible. And to a baby who is teething this will be great.

What did you use for your teething baby? 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.