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Back To School Lunch Box Inspiration #starkistkidscreations

Do you need Back To School Lunch Box Inspiration?

 StarkistKid Creations


Back to school is right around the corner and are you READY?  I know I’m not.  I have a lot to do and my son goes back in 15 days.  My son wants me to make lunches this year.  He doesn’t like the Middle School food I guess.  However, in the same breath of asking me to make his lunches he asks me not to make boring lunches.  I do make boring lunches…turkey/cheese sandwich with chips and fruit or PB & Jelly with veggies and crackers.  So I need to step up my game in the lunch making.  

I asked him what kind of lunches he wanted- maybe get some ideas what he thinks is lunch worthy!  He said he loves tuna so that gives me something to work with.  I went on the StarKist website to see some recipes.  I was truly inspired and came across a couple I will be making for sure. 

I found out that Starkist is coming out with kid-approved flavors of Bacon Ranch and Honey BBQ.  These flavors will work with the recipes above for sure.  I want to do Honey BBQ sliders, Bacon Ranch roll-ups and make my own Lunchables with tuna, cheese and flavored crackers.  Starkist Kid Creations are easy tear-and-open pouches that locks in freshness so I can just pack that in his lunch and he can either eat it straight out of the pouch.  What I love the best is it is low in calories, each pouch packs 14 grams of lean protein and is a natural source of 95-110 mg of DHA Omega-3 Fatty Acids

20150801_182628 20150801_182625


Make sure you put these Kid’s Creations pouches (which will be released the beginning in September) on the Back To School shopping list and make some quick healthy lunches for the kids.  


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