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Awesome Snacks Thats Great For You



Everyone’s on some health kick, and watching what they eat. Eating the right foods and staying healthy is the primary goal.  And finding those perfect snacks are hard to find at times. Trying to maintain a healthy diet and be able to have something sweet at the same time, is impossible till now. 


Element  is the ultimate guiltless dessert snack that can be a quick on-the-go bite for college students or a platter of fun and tasty treats at your next chill out session in your dorm room.

Available in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, strawberry yogurt, and vanilla orange, ELEMENT achieves the ultimate balance between health and delectable taste.  These are good for anyone who is trying, to get into shape and still feel really good.  We have been eating these for a couple, of weeks now, and I have to say they are great tasting.  Made with pure Italian chocolate and yogurt and organic rice and corn, and nothing is tested on animals. 

Element cakes are made under strict EU regulations, ensuring the product is all natural and providing an amazing sensory experience with every bite, made from all natural foods, never tested on any animals.   

Anything that’s not tested on animals is always the best thing, and knowing that they are made  GMO-free, gluten-free, yeast-free, cholesterol free and BPA free, use no preservatives, yeast, artificial flavors, corn syrup, trans-fats or milk hormones and are made without preservatives, artificial flavors.  They have no trans-fats, cholesterol or BPA. The dark chocolate is also certified vegan and Non-GMO Project verified.  

All of these things are great, and like I said we love the taste is so good, you think you’re eating some great chocolate. Element is about high-quality ingredients put together with a little love…so, give yourself a moment to get back in your ELEMENT.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.