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AquaNotes® Let You Keep All Of Your Thoughts Together




The waterproof paper is so durable that it can even be written on underwater. While it is durable it is also recyclable, environmentally friendly and non toxic. Soy based ink and wind energy are used in the printing process. And each pad includes 40 sheets of paper. Because each sheet is perforated, it is easily removed. So you can take it with you on errands or leave a sweet love note for your spouse. 


Because the design has two suction cups it is easily attached to any smooth surface. The pencil is included and will also attach to a smooth surface with a suction cup. I have to admit some of my best thinking happens in the shower. By the time the shower is over I have forgotten my “brainstorm!” Now I don’t have to worry about that ever again! I also have some major “honey do chores” to add to my hubby’s list. I can just leave them in the shower and “surprise” him with them now. He doesn’t seem to find the humor in that like I do.


And they are perfect for big families or families that travel a lot. If you like to doodle and draw. Or if you have a college student in the family and on your Christmas list. And did I mention they are amazing if you are a boater? Because even if you are out and it starts to rain or if the water splashes into the boat. Anything important you may have jotted down will be safe. 

Aqua Notes® Puzzle Pads

These are so much fun and perfect for anyone with kids. Waterproof puzzle pads that are so much fun your child may not want to get out of the shower or bath.  Word Search or Fun Maze! Which will you choose. Perfect stocking stuffer – to give or to keep!

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