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All You Need To Know About The Scatter Symbol

Of all the symbols, the Scatter is the one that you’re going to want to show up on the reels.

Scatter symbols are special because, regardless of whether they’re lined up or not on the reels, they will unlock additional features in that game.

If you’re new to online gaming and are determined to get the most out of your gameplay on online Slots, you should redeem a casino welcome bonus that could give you additional deposit funds or free spins to play.

Knowing all about the Scatter symbol will also optimise your gameplay, as by finding these and unlocking exclusive bonus features on your game of choice, you can explore all that the slot’s theme has to offer.

Since the Scatter is a high-paying symbol, you’ll want to be in the know about this icon, so keep reading to find out more!

All You Need To Know About The Scatter Symbol

What Does the Scatter Do?

Start spinning the reels to see if you can land a Scatter symbol across a pay-line.

In a typical slot game, you will require a specific number of scatter symbols to unlock a special feature, which could include free spins and bonus games, where you could win instant prizes.

The Scatter symbol’s functions and requirements are usually game specific, so before you start playing, check out the game’s pay-table and information section, to fully understand how its Scatter works.

Traditional Scatter Symbols

The original fruit machine Slots featured a cherry as the scatter symbol, and if you’re wanting some eclectic fun, you can find this type of classic slot game at an online casino site.

Believe it or not, though Slots have come a long way from their humble beginnings and are now highly futuristic, the rules of the Scatter haven’t really changed.

The original Scatter symbol could appear randomly across the reels, not having to conform to the rules that apply to the lower-paying symbols, that have to line up across a pay-line.

As is the case now, traditional Scatters usually rewarded the player with prizes based upon the number of icons that appeared on the reels – the more Scatters there were, the higher the reward.

Modern Video Slot Scatters

Video Slots have completely changed the landscape of online gambling.

It is now possible to play a host of themes, which are often based upon popular films, TV shows or even your favourite sport.

These games are designed to optimise your gaming experience, providing you with more pay-lines on a single spin, and usually have either five or seven reels.

The Scatter symbol itself has also evolved.

In a video slot, the Scatter will typically be an icon which has been derived from the theme of the game.

For example, in a Greek gods themed slot game, the icon might be Zeus’ lightning bolt.

Since this is a video slot, when the Scatter appears on your reels, it could come alive.

Majority of modern slot games feature animations, making the games more immersive and exciting.

If that’s not enough, should you be lucky enough to land some Scatters across your reels, the bonus round that you unlock could also contain some themed animations, interactive features and videos.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.