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The ALCATEL ONETOUCH® IDOL™ 3 exclusively at Cricket.  I'm having a lot of fun with this phone. It was super to easy to set up too. I didn't have to do much but put in a sim card and password to my home internet, and I was on within minutes. The phone is the touch screen, so it's easy to operate however it does have a unique Alcatel feature~ Reversible mode.  I can use the phone upside down, right side up- it will work no matter what. Also, there is DOUBLE TAP feature that I can wake up or put my phone to sleep.  Super cool! What I love the most is the COLOR NOTIFICATION that allows me to pick colors for notifications, so I know what it is just by the color.  I can take selfies so easy, and they are super clear from the lock screen by double tapping. I can also use the SCANNER from the lock feature; this phone is convenient. 

This year ALCATEL ONETOUCH makes smartphone giving easy with unlocked premiere phones that and can be ported to a wide range of U.S. carriers without signing up for a long-term contract.

At under $250 for the 5.5” phone and under $180 for the 4.7” phone, IDOL 3 is an affordable mobile device with all of the features you expect from a high-end flagship phone, such as 13MP camera, dual front speakers, and HD Technicolor Color Enhance Display. This year, your loved one can receive the gift of communication, entertainment, and freedom, and your bank account won’t suffer.

The ALCATEL ONETOUCH® IDOL™ 3 is available exclusively at Cricket® for a limited time. It is the only device with Cricket® to offer a more immersive Deezer music experience via the ALCATEL ONETOUCH® Mix app – exclusively from ALCATEL ONETOUCH®. The exclusive IDOL 3™ for Cricket® will also support Cricket’s mobile hotspot and tethering service, allowing users to use their smartphone data as an on-the-go Wi-Fi hotspot.

The IDOL 3 for Cricket is the only smartphone to combine the ALCATEL ONETOUCH® Mix app experience with Deezer from Cricket, allowing users to create their unique music experience, unlike any other smartphone. Deezer from Cricket® is exclusive to Cricket customers and offers subscribers unlimited access to the world’s largest online music collection that includes over 35 million tracks. That’s up to 5 million more than Spotify and tens of millions more than Pandora!

DISPLAY – 5.5-inch Full HD display was featuring Technicolor® Color Enhance Technology.

SPEAKERS – Dual front-facing 1.2w speakers are featuring JBL® Audio.

CAMERA – 13MP main camera + 8MP wide-angle front camera.

EXPERIENCE – The first of its kind, 100 percent reversible smartphone experience thanks to an entirely symmetrical design and dual-mics and speakers that allow a user to use the ALCATEL ONETOUCH® IDOL™ 3 right side up or upside down.

JAM – The Mix app, with exclusive, Deezer from Cricket integration allows you to mix, scratch, transition songs and add effects,  to their favorite songs,   both from Deezer and stored on your device, just like a DJ!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.