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Our Pep is BACK with Airplus Footwear

Airplus Footwear Accessories


There’s nothing worse than sore and achy feet, especially when you have to wear shoes. Airplus can help add a little pep to your step! Airplus Footwear– a pioneer in unique, comfortable and fashionable foot care accessories – has a solution for any foot discomfort!

My family has foot issues and all different.  Airplus was able to help all of us with our problems.  We are amazed and thankful for Airplus Footcare- see why below! 

My daughter was born with Clubfeet, so she always has an arch issue, and we have tried a couple of different insoles but never really liked them.  When we put the Airplus Footcare’s Plantar Fascia Orthotic insole in her shoe, she was so happy and wore her shoes all day, which she doesn’t do because shoes hurt her feet.  We were gone last weekend and did a lot of walking, and she didn’t complain one time.  She told me it works so good she forgets she has the insole inside her shoe. 

My husband is on his feet all day at the job, so he tried the AirPlus Ultra Work Memory Plus Insoles, and he fell in love with the memory foam that helped him. He said his feet didn’t get tired one bit and didn’t feel the usual pain he gets every day. It has been nice because he doesn’t come home complaining about how his feet hurt.  He says the foam forms to his feet, so he doesn’t even think about his feet at all now. 

My son is the sports freak in the house and is now playing Basketball and wanted to try the Airplus’ Memory Plus Insoles.  He told me when he came home after his game that these insoles changed his game for the better.  He said he felt his shoes are molded to his feet, so he doesn’t feel the usual tingling he gets after a game.  He wants more to put in his other shoes..I told him to switch them out, but I will get him so more. 

Now, I work as a manager at a busy weekend cafe, so I’m on my feet for a straight 7 hours.  By the time I get home I can’t move but last week I tried the Memory Plus Insoles and felt so different when I got home.  My feet and legs weren’t killing me, and I went out shopping after work all because my feet weren’t hurting me.  Wow, what a difference something that can go in your shoe can change your day! 

We are an AirPlus Family!!! Here are some more reasons to pick up a pair of AirPlus foot accessories! We know you won’t be disappointed. Airplus – a pioneer in unique, comfortable and fashionable foot care accessories

Are your shoes lacking support? Without proper support, heel, forefoot and arch pain can become a real problem.

  • Try! These responsive memory foam insoles provide targeted relief – molding to your foot to help evenly distribute pressure, providing cushiony, flexible support with every step. Available for both men and women,
  • For extra-long hours on your feet, AirPlus Ultra Work Memory Plus Insoles are designed with durable memory foam that instantly forms to your foot, helping to fight off fatigue caused by prolonged working or standing.

Do you suffer from plantar fasciitis- a sharp stabbing pain in the heel? With proper insoles for support, plantar fasciitis can be prevented.

  • Airplus Footcare’s Plantar Fascia Orthotic insole eases heel pain and provides stability to the wearer. The arch plate offers support while the gel drop offers extra cushioning in the heel. Available for both men and women,

 Is there extra room in your heels? There’s nothing more annoying than having your heel slip in and out of your shoe.

  • A smooth, contoured gel heel liner is the answer for improved comfort and fit. Try Airplus’ Hug My Heels.

Missing shock absorption in your shoes? Ball of foot pain and swelling can cause discomfort with every step.

  • Airplus’ Gel Ball-of-Foot Cushions, made with proprietary Invisigel™ technology is an easy fix for long-lasting comfort and foot pain relief.

Are your feet in need of some love at the end of the day?

  • Relax with a soothing, moisturizing, spa experience right from the comfort of home. A simple way to do so is with Airplus’ Aloe Infused Spa Socks.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.