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6 Jobs That Allow You To Give Back To The Community

There are a variety of things that you can prioritize when you are trying to figure out your calling in life from a career perspective.

Such priorities can help you find a job that is more fulfilling than something that simply pays the bills.

A relatively common must-have list typically includes a certain salary range, benefits, and a good homelife to worklife balance.

However, another important priority that you might have when it comes to your job search involves the degree to which your job allows you to give back to the community.

Jobs that include a service-based component aren't for everyone.

They require you to want to use your talents and skills to benefit others.

Those who do in fact work in such careers typically attest to the fact that it is the most rewarding and fulfilling aspect of their jobs.

6 Jobs That Allow You To Give Back To The Community

If you are currently in the process of looking for your next career move and would like to transition into a job that allows you to give back to the community, here are six options that are worth considering.

1. Social Worker

The job of a social worker is one that is commonly associated with giving back to the community.

This is because social workers spend their careers connecting with and working for various individuals who are in need of assistance.

Social workers have a wide range of options for them when it comes to the job's specifics.

Someone who is interested in pursuing this sort of career would choose to work with a certain age group, for instance, and decide what sort of assistance they would be best suited to offer.

For instance, as a social worker, you might choose to work specifically with children in abusive situations, or you might decide to work with elderly persons who need a helping hand.

There are a variety of options in this field that will allow you to use your talents and desire to give back in the way that is most fulfilling for you.

In order to become a social worker, you will need to obtain a certain level of education.

You will at least want to earn a bachelor's degree in social work.

However, if you really wish to do all that you can in your capacity as a social worker, you should consider earning an Online Master of Social Work degree as well.

2. Family Counselor

Another career that will allow you to give back to your community in a big way is that of a family counselor.

This is the sort of job wherein you would assist families looking to work through certain challenges and obstacles in their lives from an emotional and mental health perspective.

As a family counselor, you might choose to work with troubled teens or younger children struggling with mental health issues.

This is the sort of job that requires you to work with young patients and their parents or guardians to bring about a better quality of life overall.

The job of a family counselor might also consist of marriage counseling.

You might choose to work specifically with married couples who need help repairing their relationships and learning how to communicate in a more effective manner.

Those who want to become a family counselor will need to earn a bachelor's degree followed by a master's degree.

Once you have completed a relevant master's degree program, you will then need to finish a certain number of supervised clinical hours and apply for your license.

With all of this in hand, you will then be able to set up your own family counseling practice in your community.

3. Firefighter

Many people understand the main purpose of a firefighter, but the job entails so much more than simply putting out fires.

Rather, there are many reasons why those who work in this area of emergency services might be called to the scene of an accident or other crisis.

Most commonly, you will find firefighters on hand when a car accident has been reported, when emergency medical services are needed, or when a person is in distress for some other reason.

The training of a firefighter is such that they are prepared to handle a wide range of emergencies within the community.

In addition to having the desire to serve your community, you will need to have the ability to reach a certain level of physical fitness.

The job itself can be incredibly physically demanding, so making sure that you are up to the challenge is important for becoming a firefighter.

This is a great career option for those who have completed high school but aren't looking to pursue any higher education.

That being said, certain jobs within a fire department are more suited to those who are college-educated or who have specialized medical training.

If you would like to obtain more information about what it would take for you to become a firefighter in your local community, you should look to your state's specific guidelines for doing so.

4. School Counselor

If you are hoping to find work as a counselor in your community and are interested in working specifically with kids, you might consider pursuing a career as a school counselor.

In such a job, you would have the ability to work in a school with students who are navigating an incredibly tricky time of life.

6 Jobs That Allow You To Give Back To The Community

In some instances, you might find yourself helping students plan out their futures regarding career options or higher education.

At other times, you could be called upon to help a student who is experiencing some sort of conflict or personal crisis.

There is also the opportunity to help support students who are struggling with mental health issues.

This is a career wherein you can decide what sort of age group you work with.

You might wish to work in an elementary school with younger students or in a high school, helping older ones to figure out the next steps that they will take in life.

Whichever option you decide to go with, you will find yourself in an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling position.

In order to become a school counselor, you will need to fulfill the specific requirements set out by the state regarding education, certification, and training.

You will need a license to practice in your state, so use those guidelines as your point of reference as you look to become a qualified school counselor.

5. Police Officer

When one thinks of jobs that involve a community service aspect, you can't leave out the job of a police officer.

Officers are those who put their lives on the line each and every day in order to protect those in their community.

They are the first ones on the scene in the event of an emergency and are the ones that are called when a crisis arises.

Becoming a police officer is a process that demands quite a bit. This is because the job itself is demanding by nature. Depending on the size of the police department in your area, there might even be a waiting list to apply for training.

You will need to check in with your local department to find out just what sort of educational requirements are in place for those who apply.

Some departments will accept those who only hold a high school diploma, while others want applicants to have completed a relevant college degree program.

That being said, those who want to give themselves the opportunity for career progression as a member of the police force should definitely look to earn a college degree first.

The right degree can help prepare you for a career as a lieutenant or even a police captain if you aspire to rise to the ranks of your department.

6. Community Health Worker

As a community health worker, your job would entail acting as a go-between for those in your community and medical professionals.

There are still far too many people out there who don't understand what to do when they are facing medical issues.

A community health worker is responsible for connecting citizens with the medical professionals they need and educating community members about how to best look after themselves physically and mentally.

You would be designing and implementing programs that promote health and wellness and reaching out to community members who need additional assistance.

This can really help the community and is very varied, as you'll be working with people who need a wide range of help and support.

This is another job that doesn't necessarily require higher education than a high school diploma.

There is specific training and certification that you will need in order to become a community health worker, and you might consider earning a two year associate's degree if you want to earn a salary that is on the higher end of the range, as this will give you the skills to go straight into a well respected and well finaically rewarded role.

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