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4 Reasons You Will Love ITZASTAND – A Removable & Reusable Stand

Christmas is nine days away. Have you finished shopping for all of your family and friends? If you are looking for a quick and affordable gift, then I have the perfect gift idea especially if you are sending out holiday photo cards? Give the gift of an Itzastand along with your holiday photo card to help your loved ones fully enjoy putting your holiday photo card on their mantel, on their console table, or wherever they decide to showcase your beautiful card. What is an Itzastand? An Itzastand is a removable, reusable support that adheres to your generally flat object stands it up for display. 

4 Reasons Why You Will Love Itzastand

Not only are Itzastand perfect for sending with your holiday photo cards, but they also are great to use with invites, cell phones, announcements, memorabilia, etc. The possibilities are endless. My top four reasons why you will love Itzastand are:

  1. Easy to Apply – Simply remove the printed liner for lightning fast application to virtually any surface.
  2.  Affordably Priced – You can get a five pack for under $4.99, 15 pack for $11.99, or buy 40 and get them all for just $19.99.
  3. Reusable – This is my favorite feature. Display a photo, carefully peel off Itzastand, and place it on another object. One stand goes a long way!
  4. Strong and Stable – Itzastand is a sturdy support for everything from your favorite photo to your smartphone.

How To Use Itzastand

Using the Itzastand is very simple. With just three steps, you will be on your way to displaying your picture perfect picture.

  1. Fold Itzastand™ in half along the vertical center line, hiding instructions.
  2. Fold back both flaps.
  3. Remove adhesive liners.
  4. Affix Itzastand™ to the back of your photo, card, announcement etc. and enjoy!
  5. Remove Itzastand™ whenever you wish and apply it to another object for display.

So what would you use Itzastand for? You can use it for your children’s artwork, business cards, and recipe cards. I love giving them as gifts to my son, so he easily display his artwork of his favorite characters.

Itzastand are perfect stocking stuffers for this holiday season!

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