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4 Ideas for a Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Dinner



Thanksgiving is a great time to count your blessings and gather with friends and family members. It is also a good excuse to gobble up a delicious, over-the-top meal! From turkey and stuffing to apple streusel and pumpkin pie, we all love the indulgent food of this November holiday. However, preparing that food can be a bit of a hassle. We often spend so much time hovering around our kitchens that we forget about being with the ones we love. Fortunately, there are some simple solutions to this common holiday problem. With these quick and easy ideas, you will have Thanksgiving dinner on the table in no time:

Make it Potluck ~

Just because you’re hosting the Thanksgiving celebration doesn’t mean you have to get stuck with all the cooking. Most of the time, your guests are quick to offer to bring a dish to your get-together. Take them up on it! You can provide the main course and beverages while your family members supply the appetizers, side dishes and desserts. One person might bring the sweet potato casserole. Another can bring the rolls or maybe the cornbread dressing. Before you know it, you’ve got a complete meal that has a little something for everyone

Take Shortcuts ~

If you would rather do all the cooking yourself this Thanksgiving, then at least try to make the preparations as easy as possible. Cook a fresh turkey instead of a frozen one so you can bypass the defrost process. Opt for instant mashed potatoes rather then peeling and mashing dozens of potatoes by hand. Frozen vegetables like peas and corn cook up in a flash. Cake mixes, tubs of frosting, store bought pie crusts and canned pie filling all give you an easy head start on dessert. By using simple shortcuts like these, you will prepare a meal that is quick, easy and delicious. Your guests will never know the difference and you will be able to join them at the table much faster then if you had made everything from scratch!


Let An Outside Party do the Cooking ~
Who says your Thanksgiving meal has to be home-cooked? Plenty of restaurants, grocery stores and gourmet food markets offer a full menu for your holiday feast. Many of these chains will even heat up your meal for a small fee. That means there is no need to even turn your oven on! With traditional offerings like turkey with gravy and green bean casserole, you are sure to find all the meats, sides and desserts your family expects this time of year. Just order your dinner, pick it up and relax with your guests this Thanksgiving!

Have Dinner at a Restaurant ~
More and more restaurants are opting to stay open for hungry patrons on Thanksgiving Day. Consider visiting one of them with your family or friends for turkey and all the trimmings. If you want a truly no-fuss Thanksgiving spread, this is a great alternative to slaving over the stove. There is no prep work, no serving, no dirty dishes and no drama! You can choose a restaurant that offers a family-style buffet or even one where your group will be waited on by a full staff. Either option will allow you to appreciate your Thanksgiving feast without having to worry about the cooking or the clean-up. This ensures everyone (including you) will have a happy holiday!

We all look forward to indulging in a big Thanksgiving meal. However, we don’t always look forward to preparing it! By using any of the helpful tips and tricks listed here, you can reduce your holiday stress level and truly enjoy being with your loved ones this year. So stop spending all your time in the kitchen and get your Thanksgiving dinner on the table with ease!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.