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4 Gift Ideas for TEENS

Sometimes teens are the hardest to buy for because it seems like they are PICKY, it can't just be my kids. I know anything techy, music related, or something for their phone might be just what they want. My teenager told me food and money well that isn't happening. Just in case you have a teen like mine then these gifts are perfect for them.


Puro Sounds Labs manufacturers high-quality headphones that help to protect a user's hearing and their new line is a great addition for holiday roundups and gift guides, or just for product reviews. 
The new AP: Audio Protection series is designed for schools, classrooms or just parents on a budget who are interested in protecting a child's hearing, the line includes both over-ear (OEH200) and in-ear (IEM200) models priced at $39.99 and $29.99, respectively that use Puro's Balanced Response curve for excellent sound quality, and sound limiting technology to protect the listener's hearing. Ask us about Puro's School share back program, too. Both models are available now on and 
If you're looking for something a little more high-end and you've already reviewed Puro's BT2200 Kid's headphones, consider Puro Sound's BT5200 over-ear headphones ($149). Made for adult-sized heads, the studio-grade 5200s include Puro's Balanced Response curve, noise isolation, and a LED indicator to let you know when the music is too loud. 

My daughter who is on YOUTUBE far too much for my liking goes through headphones probably every couple months.  One thing I have an issue with is how loud she plays the music or video and so to have headphones that help protects my child's hearing is major plus in my book.  We do need to protect their hearing, as parents we need to make sure they are using headphones that designed to do just that!  

  • Volume limiting ear protection at 85 dB max
  • Durable material featuring water-proof and lice-proof technology
  • Hands-free microphone and Pause/Play setting controller
  • 80% Ambient Noise Isolation at 1kHz
  • 3.5 mm plug for connecting to your audio devices 

My son. well he has his earphones in his ear 24/7 I swear, even when he is sleeping.  Trying to fight a teenager about their hearing is a lost cause.  I will just buy the earphones that are designed to help with hearing and no tell him so that way I can feel a lot better about him using them EVERYDAY for hours.  

Check out Puro Sound


Give a gift that lasts all year – it’s a prepaid annual cell phone plan by Mint SIM that offers unlimited talk, text and 2GB of data for $21 a month or $250 for the whole year.  Recently launched by Ultra Mobile, Mint SIM offers the same service consumers are used to receiving with other carriers, for a lot less. Make sure check out the

 Our monthly phone cell bill is CRAZY!  I don't get why my husband doesn't just get the kid sim cards because they don't call anyone and use our internet at home.  I would rather pay $21.50 a month per child than $95 per child- that is what we pay now.  When our contract is over soon, we will look into Mint Sim because I hear and read awesome reviews, so we will give it a try! 





  • PLANS WITH BIG SAVINGS- 1,3,5,12 month plans

Check out more on Mint Sim

PHONE CASE: makes military tested drop proof, waterproof cases for iPads, iPhone and Apple Watches. Perfect for the rugged outdoor lifestyle and frankly – ideal for families with kids to protect their devices! Or a kid who skateboards or drops his phone every day! 

My son got the Catalystcase for a gift and it is his favorite case. He loves the color, and he said it was super simple to put on his phone.  He even dropped his phone many times and still case intact and no issue with the phone.  Not with my permission but he dipped the phone in water, and nothing happened.  His dad was super impressed! To be honest so was I, as his parent, this reassures me that I won't be buying a new phone in the next year because his phone is protected now.  We replaced his phone 2x last year, hoping in 2017 we won't need to do that. 

Check out the iPhone 6s case

Side Note: As the Pokèmon Go craze continues… Catalyst just released an iPhone accessory that helps players catch em’ all!! The new tool attaches perfectly onto the iPhone case allows players to shoot with greater precision and play more efficiently. We also share our team’s strategies and tips on our blog. The reviews from media and consumers so far have been fantastic. And it’s a great stocking stuffer at only $10!!

Check out more on

Electric Skateboard

If you're into the outdoors, this can be a great hobby for you to pursue once the world is back to normal. This can be a fun hobby to look forward to for the adventurous and the thrill seekers. Electric skateboards work much like a regular skateboard, however are powered by a motor and controlled using a remote in hand. It is best to practice electric skating when the weather and ground are dry, as skating on wet surfaces may offer reduced friction and therefore may be dangerous. Arguably the best electric skateboard on the market, can travel up to 42kph, with a range of 50km! For those who want to get outdoors, but don't want a hobby that requires great levels of fitness, an electric skateboard could be perfect for you!

Please check out all the above products for your TEENS! Let us know other gifts you think will be a hit.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.