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Priority Chef Knife Sharpener

Knife Sharpener From Priority Chef

When it comes to me cooking I want a sharp knife, for when I am chopping and slicing things up. We all know that things can get crazy and having to sharpen your knife is not always easy. With the Knife Sharpener From Priority Chef it has become so much easier.

Simply place the sharpener on a flat surface gripping the comfortable handle and holding the product firmly in place. In my case, I sharpened an old butcher knife lightly pulling the knife handle toward me, passing the blade through the rough sharpener about 10 times. I did the same with the fine tuning sharpener.

Priority Chef Knife Sharpener

And it turned out great so I was able to finish slicing, up the things I needed too. When I was growing up my mom had a set of knives that had a sharpener built into the case, so that everytime you pulled it out, it would be sharpened. We all thought that was a awesome thing.

The Priority Chef sharpener keeps a razor sharp edge on my knives. This is also great because the handle is VERY easy to hold on to and it keeps your hands far enough away from the blades so that you don’t get cut while sharpening. What a difference cutting meat after I sharpened the knives.

These would be great for a bridal shower, and house gift. Only use the coarse section for very blunt knives! This section actually removes small amounts of steel from the knife and should only be used on completely dull knives!

We are loving this and having the ability to sharpen, and make your dullest knives sharp. Three strokes on each the coarse and fine sides and my knives now seem even better than when they were first bought.

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