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2-Meter Lightning Cable #iQualTech


The one thing I always have extra of, is extra cables for the I phones. My daughter goes through them. Charge or sync your iphone 6, 6+, 5s, 5c, 5, ipad 4, ipad mini ipod 5 and ipod 7 with this 2 meter officially certified lightning to usb 2.0 cable. We even take these with us instead, of the ones that come with them, when we are away on vacation. These work as good as the regular ones. Connect to your laptop to charge and sync, use your own wall charger to charge from the wall, or plug into a car charger and charge on the road.

Being as long as it is, makes charging in the car so much easier. Extra strong braided nylon cord construction 2 meters in length, makes going from the front to the back extra easy. They seem to be a lot more durable than the other regular cables. I have learned that there is a lot to consider when you buy a cable. The two most important criteria for lightning cables are whether or not they are built to the Apple required standard.

That means that instead of the wires being covered by just a flimsy plastic layer, you have a fibrous layer surrounding the internals. This helps prevent compression and shearing like forces on the electrical wires underneath, making the cable more durable so that you won’t be needing to replace it every other week. No incorrect way of plugging the connector into your mobile device. Offers more flexible positioning of your Lightning-enabled mobile digital device while charging up to 2 meters distance from your charger.

Also this cable does charges my devices faster than the regular cables. This cable does charge my devices faster than the regular cables. Replace your original  cable or add another for your home, workplace or suitcase.



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