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10 Secrets of Being a Lady is the Perfect Book for Girls

    I have another great book to give a young lady in your life, this holiday season. 10 Secrets of Being a Lady is perfect for girls of any age.

10 Secrets

    This adorable book is perfect for girls, and even better when read by mom. Upon reading, you will meet a young girl named Ava. Her mother sits down to impart her wisdom on her daughter, with 10 Secrets of Being a Lady. Humor ensues through Ava’s antics, but she tries hard to be her best self for her mother, as her mother works hard to be her best self for Ava. I love how after mom tells her the secret, and then explains it, we get a peek into Ava’s mind and how she relates her mother’s secrets to her everyday life.

10 Secrets

Words of Wisdom

    The 10 Secrets are one mom’s words of wisdom for her daughter, passed down to her from her mother. They range from Eating Right, to Being Sincere, Radiating Confidence, Speaking Deliberately, and more. As the story unfolds you will fall in love with Ava and her mom’s relationship, which represents the symbiotic relation between a mother and daughter. 

The Author and Awards

    This amazing book was written by Sheba Matheu. She did an excellent job. So good in fact, 10 Secrets of Being a Lady has even won awards. This book was awarded with the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award®. It was also awarded with Moonbeam Children’s Book awards for the category of Self Esteem. Clearly I’m not the only that thinks this book is fantastic. 

10 Secrets Lady

Precious illustrations

    10 Secrets of Being a Lady is illustrated by Meredith Rushing. I love the detail, and the cute, yet feminine touches throughout. Ava is precious, and I love how Meredith made her look. Her tiara, and tutu, with striped leggings, it quirky and cute! Girls and mother’s alike will love these illustrations.

10 secrets back

Girls Inc.

    With every purchase of this book, a 25% donation will be made to Girls Inc. An organization that inspires all girls to be smart, be strong, and be bold. So you’ll not only be giving a wonderful gift to a girl that you love, but you’ll be helping other girls as well.

Where to buy

    You can get your copy of 10 Secrets of Being a Lady on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can also follow the book on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


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